In Stratton, it is our policy to manage every of the properties to its highest possible standards, and it is the tradition of our people to commit themselves to work for the utmost benefits of our owners and residents - A fact you would soon recognize.

Duty Performance Service Time Schedule
1. Building Systems Maintenance
i) Monthly Repairs and Maintenance Service
a) Portable and Drainage System
b) Electrical Equipment in Main Switch Room
c) Generator set
d) Central air-conditioning System
e) Fire Services System
f) Common Ironmongery and Carpentry
2. Emergency attendance for recovery of building service
i) Within 5 Minutes of accident (in headquarter building) and within 1/2 hour (in other building) upon receipt of call
ii) If required, immediate notice to occupants
iii) Presentation of incident report within 3 days of incidents
3. Site inspection by managerial staff
i) Random check with written record
ii) Staff monthly meeting with written minutes
4. Site inspection by supervisory staff
i) At least once every week with written log
ii) If required, ad hoc inspections from time to time
5. Spot check by Head Quarter
i) Random check with written record from time to time
ii) Regularly Night check with record at least half-yearly
6. General enquiries & complaint
i) Instant reply by duty staff
ii) Follow-up, if necessary, by senior management
7. Written enquiries & complaint
i) Instant verbal reply by the in-charge staff upon receipt of complaint
ii) Written formal reply within 3 days
iii) If cases are complicated, written interim reply within 2 weeks then followed by the formal reply upon completing the investigation
8. Financial Management
i) Monthly statement to be posted up within the first three weeks of the following month
ii) Submission of the management fee receipts to the Treasurer within 2 weeks
9. Fire Drill
i) Once annually (Headquarter Building)
10. Customer Satisfactory Survey
i) At least once bi-annually
11. Emergency Contact
i) Update at least once a year